A Better Way to Reform Prisons

The recidivism rate among American prisoners has remained stubbornly high over the years. Prisons should consider enhanced programming to fix it — and save money.

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Spotlight Exclusive Interview: Taifa Butler & Jennifer Owens

We spoke with Butler and Owens of the Georgia Budget & Policy Institute about how Georgia’s economy works for women — and where the state could improve.

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Changes to Medicaid Requirements Alarm Advocates for Low-Income Americans

The Trump administration will now allow states to impose work requirements on Medicaid recipients.

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Spotlight on Poverty & Opportunity

Spotlight on Poverty and Opportunity is a non-partisan initiative that brings together diverse perspectives from the political, policy, advocacy and foundation communities to find genuine solutions to the economic hardship confronting millions of Americans.

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In the Spotlight

Spotlight Exclusives includes commentaries from policymakers, advocates, academics, and other contributors from all points on the political spectrum, as well as Out of the Spotlight blog posts from our team. New headlines on poverty and economic mobility are posted daily.

Spotlight on the States

State and local governments, community-based organizations and other non-profits play a significant role in implementing policies and programs to reduce poverty and promote opportunity.

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* Hover over a state to get a snapshot of poverty statistics in the state, then click or use the drop-down menu to access information and resources, news articles, and links to learn more about state efforts to reduce poverty.

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