What Works

Extensive research has gone into evaluating anti-poverty strategies and interventions to determine “what works” for communities.  A number of research organizations are dedicated to conducting evaluations and assessments. In addition, some groups have collected research and other materials to promote “what works” in their specific issue areas.

This has become an increasingly important topic as policymakers and foundations look to proven or promising solutions when making decisions about funding. But it is not without controversy. How, for example, do we determine which programs rightfully belong in the “what works” category? And is investment in what is “proven” crowding out innovation and support for what is new and emerging?

Spotlight has compiled a list of web-based “what works” collections covering a range of subject areas (provided next to each listed organization) and including different threshold levels of evaluation. We encourage you to submit other links to proven or promising solutions. To submit your suggestion, e-mail Jenna Tomasello at jtomasello@thehatchergroup.com.