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The Sequester: Infographic and Other Resources Highlight Impact on Low-Income Households

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There is ample evidence that the automatic across-the-board spending cuts known as the sequester will impact low-income households. The cuts went into effect March 1 when Congress and President Obama failed to reach a deal to lower the deficit. The sequester will not affect many programs that aid the poorest households, including the Children’s Health Insurance Program and the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program, and some Republicans have charged Democrats with exaggerating the sequester۪s impact. To highlight the effects of the sequester, Spotlight has created a shareable infographic that illustrates what the cuts could mean for low-income families in areas such as nutrition, housing, education and workforce development.


As part of efforts to prompt a deal between policymakers, organizations nationwide have also offered resources and analyses underscoring the severity of the cuts. And last month the White House released state-by-state fact sheets on the sequester۪s potential impact on the middle-class, jobs and overall economic security. In addition to the infographic, below is a sampling of these and other resources and news articles focused on how the sequester will affect low-income households. For more of the latest information on this debate, head to our Federal Budget 2012/2013 resource page.

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Other resources and articles:

As Automatic Budget Cuts Go Into Effect, Poor May Be Hit Particularly Hard,” The New York Times


Advocates Warn Sequester Could Mean Big Cuts For The Low-Income,” NPR


The Impact of the Sequester on Communities Across America,” Center for American Progress


Sequestration State Fact Sheets 2013,” Coalition on Human Needs


Impact of March 1st Cuts on Middle Class Families, Jobs and Economic Security,” The White House


The Impact of the Sequester on WIC,” Center on Budget and Policy Priorities


The Consequences of Sequestration,” Bread for the World

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