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National Council of La Raza Spotlights Housing Struggles Faced by Minority Populations

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To draw attention to the continuing housing struggles facing communities of color, the National Council of La Raza (NCLR) and its partners are marking National Homeownership Month with a town hall tour and blog carnival highlighting some of the states harmed most by the foreclosure crisis. OOTS is pleased to be a participant in the blog carnival this week, which will feature posts related to the foreclosure crisis as it pertains to communities of color. Last July, OOTS first covered some of NCLR۪’s work to support homeownership among minority populations.

Now OOTS readers can learn more about NCLR۪s efforts by visiting the organization۪s Home for Good campaign, which is putting housing concerns in front of local and national leaders and highlighting positive housing market models. Part of the campaign will include a tour of Home for Good town halls, the first of which will be held in Nevada. The town halls aim to send a message to the nation۪s leaders to:

– Stop needless foreclosures
– Expand affordable rental housing
– Revive a sustainable path to homeownership

Housing struggles in America often become pervasive problems in people۪s lives, particularly in minority communities. Spotlight has covered these issues as well, most notably in last winter۪’s exclusive commentary series, “How Housing Matters to Families and Communities,” undertaken in partnership with the MacArthur Foundation.

This week۪s blog carnival serves as a highlight in the Home for Good town hall tour and marks the end of National Homeownership Month. Check out other blogs and resources this Thursday on My Home for Good and NCLR to find out more about successful programs that address minority and low-income housing struggles and have the potential to be taken to scale.

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