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Job Opening: Apply Yourself to Advise the White House on Jobs and Poverty

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On Friday, January 15 Christina Romer, chair of the Council of Economic Advisers, will be posting a blog and inviting you to tell her how well the Administration is doing when it comes to creating jobs and “restoring the economy for all Americans.” Because of your interest in poverty and opportunity, OOTS encourages you to check out the blog to see whether and how Romer puts the “all” in “all Americans.” After the blog is posted in the morning, a live video chat with Romer will begin at 1 p.m. It۪s your chance to let her know whether you think those on the bottom rung are getting a fair shot at new jobs and a chance to reap the rewards of economic recovery. On January 15, go to to see Romer۪s report. Additional instructions on how to get into the live chat will be posted.

With 10 percent unemployment there is much that needs to be done for workers at all incomes. Among all teens (16 to 19), for example, the unemployment rate reached 26.7 percent in November 2009the highest level recorded since the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) began collecting data. This is worrisome in and of itself. Those at the bottom, however, will get pushed even further down unless an adequate share of the jobs that are created and the training that is made available actually reaches the lowest rungs. For example:

· The unemployment rate for those without a high school diploma reached 15.3 percent in December 2009.

· Long-term unemployment is now common; four out of ten America workers have been jobless for six months or longer.

A number of groups are advocating for major jobs initiatives akin to the New Deal. Share your own experiences and ideas with Romer. It۪s a job OOTS readers are uniquely qualified to fill.

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