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In Memory of Jack Kemp

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The entire team at Spotlight on Poverty would like to offer our deepest condolences to Jack Kemp’s family and friends. Jack Kemp was many things in his amazing life, star football player, congressman, HUD Secretary, national political figure including Vice Presidential candidate. He was also a good friend to Spotlight, and a member of our advisory boardwork he did for no reward except his genuine concern for the issue of building opportunity and fighting poverty. Jack Kemp helped launch Spotlight, appearing passionately and jovially at the site’s public opening. His ideas were interesting, innovative, and defied many orthodoxies. Those in attendance and listening around the country heard someone who cared about the issues, had new ideas, and huge energy to do something positive. In mourning his passing, we also mourn the loss of this unique voice. The ranks of those who seek to combat poverty and build opportunity has been reduced, but his example is a powerful one. We will carry on our work feeling lucky to have had his help in launching this effort, and with more determination in fulfilling its charge. Jack Kemp was a unique man, and all of us at Spotlight, and others who care about improving public policy will miss him deeply. 

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