Spotlight Webcast: New Book Release, “What It’s Worth”

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The Federal Reserve Bank of San Francisco and The Corporation for Enterprise Development (CFED) have released a new book, What It’s Worth: Strengthening the Financial Future of Families, Communities and the Nation. The book underscores how the health of the U.S. economy depends on the financial health of individual households.

Ray Boshara, who authored one of the chapters, is senior adviser and director of the Center for Household Financial Stability at the Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis. He sat down with Spotlight‘s Jodie Levin-Epstein to discuss his ideas and recommendations, including his framework of “Thrivers” and “Strugglers;”  the causes of the financial instability, and key policy recommendations such as the development of emergency savings.

Framing the problem: “Thrivers” and “Strugglers”

Identifying the roots of the problem: Demographics

Fixing the problem: Policy recommendations

*The statements in this interview do not necessarily reflect the views of the St. Louis Federal Reserve Bank

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