November 1, 2014: Latino Decisions — Nationwide Poll of Latino Adults on Economic Conditions

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Do you think the country is getting better, worse, or about the same as it was five years ago at creating/providing access to well-paying jobs?


better                          27%

worse                         34%

about the same          37%


Would you say that your personal finances have gotten a lot better, somewhat better, somewhat worse, or a lot worse in the last five years?


a lot better                11%

somewhat better       40%

somewhat worse      22%

a lotworse                17%

not sure                    10%



total better               49%

totalworse               41%


Lawful Permanent Residents

total better              53%

totalworse              37%    



total better               59%

total worse              33%


FieldDate- Sep 9-Oct 15, 2014

Universe: Country: United States

Method: telephone

Sample Size: 1,000

Notes: Interviews conducted inEnglish and Spanish

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