Evictions Could Cost Oregon as Much as $3.3 Billion

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 According to a new report from Portland State University’s Homelessness Research & Action Collaborative, evictions could cost the state of Oregon as much as $3.3 billion after a statewide eviction ban expires in June. The research center gathered and analyzed data from emergency shelters, medical services, child welfare and other community services to estimate the cost of evictions using the Cost of Eviction Calculator developed by the University of Arizona College of Law. Researchers say that this calculation is an estimate of the possible crisis that Oregon could face if additional interventions are not implemented, but does not include many other long-term costs due to increases in public assistance, gaps in education, or the costs that may be incurred with a likely increase in COVID-19 transmission due to evictions. The analysis shows that approximately 89,000 Oregon households owe back rent and households of color are most impacted, with 56 percent of people of color indicating they are behind on rent.

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