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Spotlight will continue to provide regular updates regarding COVID-19 and its impact on low-income communities. Check back to this page regularly to see Spotlights’ latest original content around the COVID-19 pandemic as well as a curation of the latest news and resources from around the web. And to adequately cover the current crises, we are augmenting our regular Wednesday newsletter with additional COVID-19 briefing e-mails on Monday and Friday. Be sure to sign up in the box below if you haven’t already.

We are also eager to hear from you and the challenges you are facing as well as the innovative solutions and supports you are seeing in your community. Please stay in touch and we will look to lift up these stories through our platform.

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COVID-19 Events, Webinars & Podcasts


June 17 & 18 – Elevate Compassion Summit, Weave: The Social Fabric Project & Elevate Compassion

June 21 – Historic Crisis, Historic Opportunity, Urban Institute

June 23 – Policies to Protect Workers and Families, The Hamilton Project

June 24 – Learning at Home While Under-Connected, New America

June 25 – Conversations on Food Justice: Food Insecurity and Mental Health, Aspen Institute

Past Events

Mental Health Poll: Assessing the Crisis During COVID-19 and Beyond, Bipartisan Policy Center

What Can We Learn from Communities About Equitably Providing Emergency Rental Assistance?, Urban Institute

Helping Small Businesses Access COVID-19 Relief, Aspen Institute

The Optimist: A Conversation with Mitch Albom, Washington Post Live

What Are the Effects of the Biden Administration’s Corporate Tax Proposals?, Tax Policy Center

What is the future of family policy after the pandemic and beyond?, AEI

Analyzing Biden’s First 100 Days, Brookings

Women in the Workforce: Supporting Work and Caregiving During the Pandemic and Beyond, Bipartisan Policy Center

After COVID-19: Building an Inclusive Economy for California, Cato Institute

Tackling America’s Mental Health and Addiction Crisis Through Primary Care Integration, Bipartisan Policy Center

An Unprecedented Crisis of Care, New America

Strategies for Practitioners Serving Youth and Young Adults Remotely, Urban Institute

Rethinking Unemployment Insurance and Housing Support, Brookings

Opportunity in Crisis: Reimagining a Just Society with Julián Castro, Rep. Marilyn Strickland & Darren Walker, Washington Post Live

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COVID-19 News

Poor People Are at Greater Risk During Pandemics. Climate Change Exacerbates the Problem

“Preventing the next pandemic will require not only investment into infectious disease prevention and management, but a tectonic shift in our policies for global development more broadly. We are as strong as our weakest link, and the findings of the…

CT set to give $3,200 bonds to every child born into poverty

“Could providing $11,000 to every child born into poverty close the state’s wealth gap, one of the worst in the nation? Legislation headed for the governor’s desk aims to try.”

COVID-19 Spotlight Exclusives

Additional Resources from Spotlight

Coronavirus Relief Bill: What Congress Left Out

More Past Events

How the COVID-19 Pandemic has Impacted Higher Education, Brookings

Rethinking Workforce Development: Policies to Protect Workers and Families, The Hamilton Project

Leveraging the power of economic dynamism in America’s communities of color, Brookings

The Role of Race, Labor Markets, and Education in Building an Equitable Recovery, WorkRise

Economic impact payments: Uses, payment methods, and costs to recipients, Brookings

Addressing Job Quality and Equity in a Time of Crisis, Aspen Institute

Supporting Latino and Immigrant Entrepreneurs in a Time of Crisis, Urban Institute

A Conversation with Rep. Val Demings, Washington Post Live

COVID-19: Urgent Federal Actions to Accelerate America’s Response, Bipartisan Policy Center

Virtual teaching during COVID-19: Report from the front, AEI

Building Housing Security During COVID-19 and Beyond, Aspen Institute

Roundtable on the 2021 Poverty/Opportunity Policy Landscape, Spotlight, AEI, & Brookings

Looking Ahead: Priorities and Policies of the Biden Administration, University of California, Davis

Using Data for Justice: How Changemakers Can Center Racial Equity in COVID-19 Recovery, Urban Institute

Race in America: Building Trust in Vaccines, Washington Post Live

Applying an Equitable Framework for Housing Policy Response During COVID-19 and Beyond, Urban Institute

Preventing Housing Instability During COVID-19, National Low Income Housing Coalition

Flexible Policies for Balancing Family, Caregiving, and Work in a Pandemic, Bipartisan Policy Center

Securing Our Economic Future: Policies to Strengthen the Middle Class and Address Climate Change, Aspen Institute

Economic recovery in American cities: Building Black businesses and wealth, Brookings

2020 Solutions Summit: Blueprint to Restore Economic Security for Working Families, Bipartisan Policy Center

Reframing the narrative of the middle class: Real voices pre- and post-pandemic, Brookings

COVID-19: The Urgent Need to Address Health Equity, Aspen Institute

What has COVID-19 taught us about the digital and opportunity divides in America’s schools?, Brookings

Preventing a “Shecession”: The Path to Economic Resiliency for Women, Aspen Institute

Addressing Maternal Health Inequity during the COVID-19 Pandemic, Urban Institute

The future of US farm and food policy in a post-COVID-19 world, AEI

Measuring the Crisis: Housing Data during the COVID-19 Pandemic, Urban Institute

Fighting Poverty One Family at a Time, Institute for Research on Poverty

Access to Opportunity through Equitable Transportation, Urban Institute

How One-Time Cash Grants & Financial Coaching Helped People Survive a Summer of Uncertainty, Aspen Institute

Economic Recovery in American Cities: Building Black Businesses and Wealth, Brookings

How Economic Forces and Racial Inequity Shape Opportunity and Mobility, WorkRise

Addressing Food Insecurity and Poor Nutrition in the Era of COVID-19, Bipartisan Policy Center

Child Care: It’s Essential for Young Voters, Center for American Progress

Recovery in America’s Legacy Cities, Brookings

Empowering American Workers, AEI

Addressing Poverty and Racism as Public Health Threats, American Public Health Association

Economic Recovery in American Cities, Brookings

Housing and Homelessness in California, Cato Institute

The 2020 American Family Survey, Brookings

A Research-Based Approach to Narrowing our Racial Wealth Gap, Aspen Institute

Beyond Reopening: A Leapfrog Moment to Transform Education?, Brookings

Confronting Utility Bill Affordability During the COVID-19 Recession, Brookings

Advancing Workplace Health and Safety, Aspen Institute

Centering Equity and Job Quality, Aspen Institute

Can we alleviate racism and systemic inequality by expanding broadband during COVID-19?, Brookings

The Prescription: Fiscal Policy for the COVID-19 Economy, Urban Institute

Our Essential Work: Immigrants and Rural Economies Weathering the Pandemic Together, Aspen Institute

COVID-19 and the Economy: Recession, Repairing, and Rebuilding, Center for American Progress

Back to school amid the COVID-19 pandemic: Balancing students’ right to education against public health, Brookings

Latino-Driven Solutions and Community Resilience in a Time of Crisis, Aspen Institute

Black Households & COVID-19: Impediments to Economic Security, Brookings

Ensuring an Economy That Works for Black Women, Center for American Progress

Community Colleges Leading the Way, Center for American Progress

Emerging from the COVID-19 Crisis as a More Resilient Society, Aspen Institute

Public Health, the Economy, and Schools, AEI

Delivering Credit to Entrepreneurs of Color Impacted by COVID-19: Why Community Financial Institutions Are Essential, Aspen Institute

Cities Addressing Food Insecurity During COVID-10 and Beyond, Food Research & Action Center

Providing Direct Cash Assistance to DC Residents, Urban Institute

Latinx Economic Resilience During and After COVID, New America

Tackling Child Poverty in the Wake of COVID-19, Century Foundation

Boosting Upward Mobility: Metrics to Inform Local Action, Urban Institute

Race in America: A Conversation with Rep. Karen Bass,Washington Post Live

Reopening America: Equitable Solutions for Workers and Their Families, Brookings

Mitigating the Economic Impact of COVID-19 in Rural Areas, Brookings

Improve Equity and Job Quality in Restaurant Work, Aspen Institute

California COVID and the Black Community, New America

Policies that Could Avert the Next Crisis, Aspen Institute

Ratcheting Up Rural Response, Recovery and Resilience, Aspen Institute

A Roadmap for Re-Opening America, Brookings

Critical Value Podcast – Urban Institute

Paid Family Leave, New America

Home Health Workers and COVID-10, New America

US Food Security in Challenging Times, Aspen Institute

COVID and Black Workers, New America

Valuing Black Lives and Property in America’s Black Cities, Brookings

How Worker Ownership Can Boost Job Quality and Build Resilience, Aspen Institute

Fighting an economic calamity and lessons for the future, AEI

Unlocking the potential of America’s cities, AEI

The Role of Health Philanthropy, Urban Institute

The Impact of COVID-19 on Prisons, Brookings

Don’t Forget People Living in Pain, CATO Institute

The Change Within: New Ways of Living?, Aspen Institute

Subsidizing Jobs for Economic Recovery – Urban Institute

Who Gets Access to Public Space in a Pandemic? – Brookings

COVID-19: A food supply crisis or a hunger crisis? – American Enterprise Institute

U.S. Poverty Campaigns with Sen. Sherrod Brown – RESULTS

COVID-19’s Disproportionate Impact on Black Communities: Coronavirus and the Deep South – Oxfam

Race, Economy, and COVID-19: A Book Talk with Eduardo Porter – Aspen Institute

COVID-19 & Health Equity – American Public Health Association

Learning from History About Disaster and Economic Inequality – Grand Challenges for Social Work

Engaging Immigrant Communities Now – New America

“Who Is Caring For Us?” Town Hall – Caring Across Generations

#Disconnected: COVID-19 & The Digital Divide – Aspen Institute

Helping America’s Kids – Washington Post Live