Andrew Yang

Andrew Yang is an attorney and entrepreneur. He founded or worked for a variety of startups and created the fellowship program Venture for America, which seeks to help create the next generation of entrepreneurs.

Previous Work Around Poverty and Opportunity

  • Has centered his campaign around the idea of a universal basic income.
  • Has advocated for a “human-centered capitalism” that stresses that markets are a means to serve the needs of people.

On the Issues

Jobs: In an effort to mitigate job loss from technology, would institute a form of universal basic income called a “Freedom Dividend” in which everyone 18 or older receives $1,000 per month. Also stresses the importance of rebuilding national infrastructure.

Affordable Housing: Wouldrestructure zoning ordinances to spur affordable housing development. Promotes micro-apartments and communal-style living in high density areas.

Health Care/Insurance: Believes in a single-payer system and Medicare for All.

Education: Supports promoting vocational education, controlling the costs of higher education, decreasing student loan debt and incorporating life skills into high schools’ curriculums.

Criminal Justice: Wants to address mass incarceration by ending for-profit, private prisons, emphasizing treatment rather than incarceration for drug crimes and increasing accountability for white collar crimes.

Minimum Wage: Believes that minimum wage should be left up to states and that universal basic income would address many of the issues around wages.

Safety Net: Would consolidate some safety net programs as part of his universal basic income plan.

Children/Families: Believes in minimum leave policy of four weeks per year for full-time workers and contractors who work consistently for the same company. Also supports free marriage counseling to increase family stability.

Taxes/Tax Credits: Wants to institute a 10 percent Value-Added Tax that would help fund the universal basic income.

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