John Hickenlooper

Previous Work Around Poverty and Opportunity

John Hickenlooper served as governor of Colorado from 2011-2019 and mayor of Denver from 2003-2011. He worked as a geologist before co-founding the Wynkoop Brewing Company, a brewpub in Denver.

  • Has touted his record as a pragmatist who can bring people together.
  • As Denver mayor, he instituted a “10-year plan to end homelessness,” though it has not yet achieved its objective.
  • As Colorado governor, he signed the Rural Economic Development Initiative” into law, providing funding to promote economic activity in rural areas.
  • As Colorado governor, he launched Skillful, a program that helps workers without college degrees find jobs.

On the Issues

Jobs: Has touted his record overseeing strong economic growth in Colorado, and has been a strong critic of Trump’s tariffs.

Affordable Housing: Supported tax credits for the development of affordable housing in Colorado.

Health Care/Insurance: Supports universal health care and an expansion of the Affordable Care Act, but rejects eliminating private insurance companies. Has worked, as governor, with John Kasich on a bipartisan health care plan.

Education: Proposed a $322 million cut for school funding in his 2013 proposal to deal with budget shortfall issues but has become a strong proponent for school funding, pushing an ultimately unsuccessful one billion dollar increase in taxes to support public schools. As Denver mayor, he helped start the Denver Scholarship Foundation for needy high school students.

Criminal Justice: Has referenced criminal justice as a priority for his campaign.

Minimum Wage: Supports a $15 federal minimum wage.

Safety Net: Has mostly focused on health care to date as a presidential candidate.  

Children/Families: Has criticized the Trump administration over proposed drug testing for family benefits such as SNAP.

Taxes/Tax Credits: As governor, he proposed a $64 million expansion of the Earned Income Tax Credit and $24 million in tax credits for childcare.

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