Election 2018: What Are Candidates for Governor Saying About Poverty?

Thirty-six states will be holding gubernatorial elections on November 6th. While these races may not always get the same level of attentions as the battle for control of the House and the Senate, they have enormous implications for a range of issues related to poverty and opportunity.

Spotlight has worked to catalogue the views of the gubernatorial candidates on these poverty-related policy questions. Use the drop-down options below to see how the candidates stack up on issues like job creation, the minimum wage, and the social safety net. And, be sure to check back regularly as we continue to update the pages with new information and relevant news clips.



Kay Ivey (Incumbent - R) vs. Walter Maddox (D)

On Jobs: Passed $1.3 billion new business investment to create jobs, partnered with Apple and Alabama Community College System to teach students coding.

On Taxes: Signed tax law raising income threshold for state tax exemption that will lower taxes by $4 million a year.

On Education: Expand resources for preschool to 3rd grade classrooms to ensure literacy, provide high-quality Pre-K statewide, and emphasize STEM and computer science

On Jobs: Expand workforce development programs and increase college affordability

On Healthcare: Expand Medicaid and invest more into rural hospitals

On Education: Create scholarships for higher education and workforce development, expand Pre-K, relieve funding inequalities, and fund classroom innovation without raising taxes

Sources: governor.alabama.gov and waltmaddox.com


Latest News

“Alabama gubernatorial candidate Walt Maddox presents his ethics plan”


 Mike Dunleavy (R) vs. Mark Begich (D) vs. Bill Walker (Incumbent – I)

On Jobs: Encourage job growth in oil, gas, and timber industries, and cut back on regulations

On Taxes: Oppose increasing taxes, implement spending cap

On Healthcare: Implement small reforms to reduce consumer costs, instead of large systemic overhauls

On Education: Proposed allocating state money for religious schools, supports school choice

On Jobs: Support workforce development programs, support job growth in up-and-coming industries, evaluate regulations and eliminate as necessary

On Healthcare: Increase transparency around costs of prescriptions and medical services, eliminate law requiring insurance companies to pay 80% of medical services

On Education: Support universal pre-K, increase funding for classroom resources, and improve teacher retention rates

On Jobs: Build natural gas pipeline, expand presence of investment firms in the state

On Taxes: Modest increases to offset budget deficits

On Healthcare: Worked on bipartisan blueprint for improving healthcare aimed at improving affordability and promoting competition within state markets, signed SB-105 to increase medical cost transparency. Used executive authority to expand Medicaid.

On Education: Signed bills to rehire retired teachers, remove financial penalties for school consolidation, and expand construction budget for rural schools.



















Sources: alaskansfordunleavy.com, markbegich.com, and gov.alaska.gov


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“With a deadline looming, Alaska Democrats are split on who to back in governor’s race”


Doug Ducey (Incumbent – R) vs. David Garcia (D)

On Jobs: Eliminated budget deficit and helped develop job growth

On Taxes: Eliminated nearly 700 regulations, saving Arizonans a total of $50 million

On Education: Increased education funding each year in office, implementing 20% teacher pay increase by 2020

On Immigration: Strongly opposes abolishment of ICE

On Jobs: Support agricultural job growth through development of sustainable agriculture, and encourage growth in technology and solar energy industries

On Education: Support universal community college, encourage students to complete two-year degrees in high-skill areas

On Immigration: Supports replacing ICE










Sources: dougducey.com and dg4az.com


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“Ducey, Garcia to Face off for Arizona Governor in November”


Asa Hutchinson (Incumbent – R) vs. Jared Henderson (D)

On Jobs: Signed incentive agreements with 380 new or growing companies

On Healthcare: Signed Arkansas Works Medicaid reform into law, including 20-hour/week work requirement and reduced income eligibility

On Education: Increased Pre-K funding and guaranteed high-speed broadband access for all K-12 schools, aims to expand workforce development and STEM in schools

On Immigration: Opposed use of any Arkansas facility to house children separated from families  

On Jobs: Provide ample support and opportunities to rural businesses

On Taxes: Signed law reducing tax rates for middle-class Arkansans, with total savings of $102 million

On Healthcare: Protect Arkansas Works, address high rates of teen pregnancy

On Education: Improve teacher working conditions

On Immigration: Condemned family border separations

On Minimum Wage: Supports increasing wage to $11/hour


 Sources: asa2018.com and jaredforarkansas.com


  Latest News

 “How Obamacare Shook Up the Arkansas GOP Governor’s Primary”


John Cox (R) vs. Gavin Newsom (D)

On Jobs: Roll back regulations and support small businesses

On Taxes: Cut taxes statewide, first by repealing gasoline tax (Prop 6)

On Healthcare: Oppose single-payer plan in California because of associated spending increases

On Education: Expand charter schools, vouchers, and homeschooling

On Immigration: Repeal sanctuary state status

On Jobs: Ensure protection of vacation and sick leave benefits for gig workers

On Safety Net: Develop 3.5 million new affordable housing units, expand rent control and EITC wage insurance

On Healthcare: Endorsed Senate Bill 562 with ultimate goal of implementing single-payer healthcare in California

On Education: Implement universal preschool, create college savings account for kindergarteners

On Immigration: Enforce sanctuary state status

Sources: gavinnewsom.com and johncoxforgovernor.com


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“Poll Finds Environment a Major Issue for California Voters”


Walker Stapleton (R) vs. Jared Polis (D)

On Jobs: Support small businesses and encourage renewable energy jobs, especially in rural areas

On Healthcare: Support increased choice in healthcare plans and develop services including mobile health clinics and telemedicine

On Taxes: Align state tax plan with Trump’s federal legislation

On Education: Expand school choice through charter school investment

On Immigration: End sanctuary cities in the state

On Jobs: Encourage paid family-medical leave, increase employee access to company stocks and ownership

On Healthcare: Support implementation of universal healthcare coverage at state and federal levels, improve access to mental health and addiction resources, and lower healthcare costs through All Payer Claims database audit

On Taxes: Prevent corporations filing taxes in Colorado from holding money in offshore tax havens

On Education: Provide access to free, quality public preschool for all Colorado residents, free textbooks for all college students, plus student loan relief and affordable housing for teachers

Sources: stapletonforcolorado.com and polisforcolorado.com


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“Left-versus-Trump showdown for Colorado governor’s seat”


Bob Stefanowski (R) vs. Ned Lamont (D)

On Jobs: Formed Economic Advisory Council of state businessmen to plan rollback of regulations and encourage job creation

On Taxes: Phase out corporate and individual state income taxes, eliminate estate taxes

On Jobs: Expand apprenticeship and vocational programs to develop worker skills

On Healthcare: Require pharmaceutical companies to increase transparency around drug prices, introduce reinsurance to lower premiums

On Education: Fully fund Care4Kids program, encourage teacher diversity, reduce class sizes

On Minimum Wage: Increase minimum wage to $15/hour











Sources: bobforgovernor.com and nedlamont.com


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“Trump, Malloy Play Big Role in Connecticut Gubernatorial Race”


 Ron DeSantis (R) vs. Andrew Gillum (D)

On Jobs: Cut back on unnecessary regulations

On Taxes: Oppose tax increases

On Education: Encourage skills-based and vocational education, oppose Common Core, support school choice

On Immigration: Ban sanctuary cities in Florida and enact E-verify

On Jobs: Support continued job growth in solar energy and technology industries

On Taxes: Change state corporate tax rate to 7.75%

On Healthcare: Expand Medicaid, uphold Affordable Care Act, and propose law to ensure women’s access to contraceptives

On Education: Increase state funding by $1 billion to support early childhood education and develop vocational training; opposes charter schools and supports debt-free college

On Immigration: Strongly supports abolishment of ICE














Sources: rondesantis.com and andrewgillum.com


Latest News

“A Black Progressive and a Trump Acolyte Win Florida Governor Primaries”


Brian Kemp (R) vs. Stacey Abrams (D)

On Jobs: Roll back regulations and mandates, support small business, and provide targeted economic development, especially in rural areas

On Healthcare: Supports free market replacement for ACA and expanding incentives for rural healthcare providers

On Taxes: Eliminate “wasteful” tax incentives

On Education: Support rural education through expansion of charter schools, promote education savings accounts, review common core standards, reduce number of standardized tests

On Immigration: Defund sanctuary cities and campuses, supports build border wall 

On Jobs: Support small businesses and create jobs through advanced energy development
On Safety Net: Expand and incentivize affordable housing

On Healthcare: Expand Medicaid to better assist veterans and offer mental health and reproductive services to individuals in rural, low-income, and/or minority communities

On Taxes: Expand Georgia’s state EITC

On Education: Oppose tax credits and vouchers to private schools, increase funding for public schools, strengthen rural communities through increased 4-H involvement and resources

On Immigration: Create safe space for immigrants in Georgia, and voted against House Bill 37 which forbade colleges from declaring sanctuary status

Sources: kempforgovernor.com and staceyabrams.com


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“Closing ads from the Georgia gubernatorial nominees perfectly illustrate the state of the parties”


Andria Tupola (R) vs. David Ige (Incumbent – D)

On Jobs: Decrease regulations, support small businesses, and build local partnerships for job growth

On Taxes: Reduce corporate and property taxes

On Education: Support vocational education and increase salaries and benefits for teachers

 On Jobs: Began new public works program at Kahului Airport, encouraged job growth in tech industry

On Taxes: Established tax credit for organic farmers

On Healthcare: Increased funding for mental health, created statewide initiative to combat the opioid crisis, supported Kupuna Care to support caregivers for the elderly

On Education: Negotiated new teachers’ contract, worked with community colleges to expand financial aid












Sources: votetupola.com and davidige.org


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“How One of the Most Vulnerable Governors Staged a Comeback”


Brad Little (R) vs. Paulette Jordan (D)

On Jobs: Increase jobs and wages, reduce regulations for small businesses and manufacturers, and reduce government spending

On Education: Support local control of education

On Healthcare: Encourage state-controlled healthcare, oppose federal mandates

On Taxes: Helped pass $260 million property tax cut, aims to keep taxes low

On Minimum Wage: Advocate for more local control of wage increases

On Jobs: Promote clean energy and build a statewide rural transportation system to create jobs

On Education: Implement statewide universal preschool, student loan forgiveness for teachers in rural school districts, and STEM education

On Healthcare: Expand Medicaid and build a public medical school

On Taxes: Reduce sales tax exemptions to support education, instead of increasing taxes

On Minimum Wage: Supports minimum wage increase

On Immigration: Supports sanctuary cities














Sources: bradlittleforidaho.com and jordanforgovernor.com


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“Does Medicaid Expansion Have a Shot in a State as Red as Idaho?”

“Breakout Idaho gubernatorial candidate faces uphill race”


Bruce Rauner (Incumbent – R) vs. J.B. Pritzker (D)

On Jobs: Supports scaled-back property taxes and regulations to attract businesses to the state

On Education: Increased K-12 education funding by $1.2 billion, backed education reform bill creating tax credits for programs advancing school choice for minority communities

On Taxes: Aims to implement a $1 billion tax cut and roll back income taxes

On Minimum Wage: Vetoed bill that would have increased minimum wage to $15 by 2022

On Healthcare: Piloted HealthChoice Illinois, including statewide privatization and expansion of Medicaid

On Immigration: Signed law to prevent deportation of immigrants solely based on illegal status

On Jobs: Advocates stimulus plan to bolster infrastructure and fund small business development centers and job apprenticeship programs

On Education: Backs plans for universal preschool, increased access to Childcare Assistance Program, and creation of Family Engagement Portals for child development

On Taxes: Supports a graduated income tax

On Minimum Wage: Supports $15 wage

On Healthcare: Seeks to create IllinoisCares by allowing all residents to buy into state Medicaid system

On Immigration: Condemned Trump Administration’s ending of DACA

















Sources: brucerauner.com and jbpritzker.com


Latest News

“Third-party Candidates Could Sway Illinois Gubernatorial Race”


Kim Reynolds (Incumbent - R) vs. Fred Hubbell (D)

On Jobs: Looking to expand foreign direct investment to create jobs

On Healthcare: Signed into law a health benefit plan for individuals unable to afford independent coverage

On Taxes: Reduced personal income taxes and eliminated provisions such as federal deductibility

On Education: Increased number of high school-to-apprenticeship programs, aims to continue investing in public schools

On Jobs: Expand agricultural jobs by investing in clean energy projects

On Healthcare: Reverse Medicaid privatization, increase the number of acute treatment beds by 50%, expand mental health services

On Taxes: Review and potentially eliminate tax credits and incentives helping large corporations

On Education: Give local communities more discretion over fund allocations, expand rural school transportation, create job training and public-private apprenticeship programs













Sources: governor.iowa.gov and fredhubbell.com


Latest News

“Iowa race for governor now rated a tossup”


Kris Kobach (R) vs. Laura Kelly (D)

On Jobs: Opposes legislature’s tax increase, instead encouraging state office spending reductions

On Education: Supports charter schools and vouchers, opposes tax increases to fund public schools

On Immigration: Combat illegal immigration at state level

On Jobs: Support economic growth in rural areas and develop technical and trade training for a more skilled workforce

On Healthcare: Expand Medicaid and increase oversight and responsibility within KanCare

On Education: Increase K-12 funding and invest in early childhood education









Sources: kriskobach.com and laurakellyforkansas.com


Latest News

“Kansas Governor Concedes to Kris Kobach in GOP Primary”


Shawn Moody (R) vs. Janet Mills (D)

On Jobs: Recruit and retain businesses paying competitive wages, conduct interviews for businesses entering and exiting the state to identify needs for improvement

On Safety Net: Implement lifetime cap on TANF benefits, increase laws surrounding welfare fraud, and develop skills assessment test for government aid applicants

On Healthcare: Promote competitive market and require recipients of government assistance to contribute to healthcare costs

On Taxes: Link government agencies’ spending authority to their performance and lower property taxes

On Education: Prioritize local discretion over education curriculum, encourage performance-based pay increases for administrators and teachers

On Immigration: Prohibit sanctuary cities, enforce punishment of employers recruiting unauthorized immigrants

On Jobs: Invest in research and development of clean energy and general sciences to boost job creation

On Safety Net: Address statewide hunger by requesting additional USDA aid for western and northern Maine and support state-funded program allowing SNAP recipients to collect double allowances of fresh produce

On Healthcare: Promote better lifestyles and use federal funds to expand Medicaid

On Education: Expand computer science courses in middle and high school

On Immigration: Opposed efforts to repeal DACA program





















Sources: shawnmoody.com and janetmills.com


Latest News

“Candidates for governor offer ideas for improving Maine’s economy”


Larry Hogan (Incumbent - R) vs. Ben Jealous (D)

On Jobs: Reduce business regulations to create jobs

On Healthcare: Signed legislation in 2018 creating a reinsurance program to stabilize ACA markets

On Taxes: Eliminated “rain tax” and reduced tolls on highways

On Education: Supports BOOST scholarship program providing tuition assistance to low-income residents, would increase higher education funding to prevent tuition increases

On Jobs: Grow Maryland's Minority Business Enterprise, which targets wealth inequality among different races

On Safety Net: Raise minimum wage to $15, expand affordable housing

On Healthcare: Supports Medicare-for-all model, would negotiate with pharmaceutical companies to lower drug prices

On Education: Raise teachers' salaries by 29%, implement universal pre-K using casino and marijuana revenues, increase number of school social workers and psychologists

On Immigration: Create welcoming environment for refugees, pass TRUST Act to prevent police from acting as ICE agents, ensure protection of DREAMers
















Sources: larryhogan.com and benjealous.com


Latest News

“Gov. Larry Hogan distances himself from the National Rifle Association”


 Charlie Baker (Incumbent – R) vs. Jay Gonzalez (D)

On Safety Net: Signed bill to begin paid leave in 2021

On Taxes: Doubled the Earned Income Tax Credit and eliminated $1.2 billion state deficit without increasing taxes

On Healthcare: Signed nation’s first seven-day opioid prescription limit and doubled spending on measures to address opioid crisis

On Education: Helped raise education spending to nearly $5 billion and proposed bill to increase spending on school safety measures

On Minimum Wage: Signed bill raising wage to $15/hour by 2023

On Safety Net: Establish paid family and medical leave

On Healthcare: Implement single-payer healthcare system and work to combat the opioid epidemic through increased support for education, treatment, and prevention

On Education: Increase access to and affordability of early childhood education

On Immigration: Supported Safe Communities Act, which states that state and local resources would not be used to uphold federal immigration laws

On Minimum Wage: Raise to $15/hour by 2021 and eliminate state employee gender wage gap















Sources: charliebakerma.com and jay4ma.com


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“Republicans running for governor look for success in unlikely places: Blue states”

“Democrats Try to Harness ‘Progressive Wave’ in Governor’s Race”


Bill Schuette (R) vs. Gretchen Whitmer (D)

On Jobs: Outlined Paycheck Training Plan to prepare students for jobs and assist adults who have dropped out of the workforce develop new skills

On Taxes: Roll back income tax hikes from Granholm administration

On Education: Improve literacy rates through increase of elementary reading test scores

On Taxes: End pension tax implemented by Snyder administration

On Healthcare:  Expand Medicaid, restore funding to Planned Parenthood, and expand healthcare access in rural areas

On Education: Create Michigan Opportunity Scholarship to boost skills training,

On Minimum Wage: Raise wage to $15/hour










Sources: billschuette.com and gretchenwhitmer.com


Latest News

“Record spending in Michigan’s governor race, and it’s not done yet”


 Jeff Johnson (R) vs. Tim Walz (DFL)

On Jobs: Support small businesses

On Taxes: Reduce income, death, and social security taxes, and implement Automatic Taxpayer Refund program

On Healthcare: Utilize federal waivers to increase choice and decrease costs, increase competition through Midwest interstate insurance contract

On Education: Strong advocate for school choice

On Immigration: Opposes abolishment of ICE, would ban sanctuary cities and immediately stop refugee resettlement in Minnesota

 On Jobs: Pass $1 billion infrastructure project, assist start-ups in job creation, support union organizing

On Safety Net: Expand paid family leave and sick time laws, support unionization

On Taxes: Expand Working Family Tax Credit and reduce taxes on lower- and middle-class Minnesotans

On Healthcare: Support MinnesotaCare, eventually move toward single payer system, increase funding for medical research

On Education: Oppose voucher programs and support and provide full, guaranteed funding for universal pre-K

On Minimum Wage: Increase to $15/hour

















Sources: johnsonforgovernor.org and walzflanagan.com


Latest News

“It’s Walz vs. Johnson after stunning upset of Pawlenty”


Adam Laxalt (R) vs. Steve Sisolak (D)

On Jobs: Encourage business growth by eliminating regulations and licensing requirements

On Taxes: Reduce taxes, repeal commerce tax of 2015 targeted at large businesses

On Education: Increase funding for Nevada public schools, encourage school choice, provide incentives to keep teachers in Nevada

On Jobs: Create jobs in clean energy, technology, and medical research, recruit companies that offer new jobs and good benefits

On Healthcare: Support Affordable Care Act

On Taxes: Would increase funding for public schools and keep private spending constant

On Education: Reduce classroom sizes, increase teacher salaries










Sources: adamlaxalt.com and stevesisolak.com


Latest News

“Heller-Rosen, Nevada governor races in dead heat”


Pete Ricketts (R) vs. Bob Krist (D)

On Jobs: Reduce the barriers to job creation by lowering taxes and eliminating regulations

On Safety Net: Support program to help SNAP recipients transition into jobs

On Healthcare: Provide more oversight on Nebraska's Medicaid program and improve services for health professionals

On Taxes: Offer property tax relief credits for agricultural lands

On Education: Supported Develop Youth Talent Initiative (DYTI), providing 7th- and 8th-graders opportunities to work in tech and manufacturing sectors through public-private partnerships

On Immigration: Signed bill creating Special Immigrant Juvenile status, a path to citizenship for immigrant children suffering from abuse or neglect

On Jobs: Expand rural broadband, complete four-lane state highway program, and invest in university research programs

On Healthcare: Expand Medicaid, fund title X services, and advocate for rural health systems

On Taxes: Increase state aid for education to reduce need for property tax revenue

On Education: Increase public school funding on state level to lower property taxes at the local level, and allot funding for mental health support within schools

On Immigration: Introduced bill creating Special Immigrant Juvenile status


















Sources: petericketts.com and kristfornebraska.com


Latest News

"Property Taxes Prove Big Issue in Nebraska's Governor Race"



New Hampshire

 Chris Sununu (Incumbent – R) vs. Molly Kelly (D)

On Jobs: Worked to bring out-of-state businesses to New Hampshire

On Taxes: Lowered Business Profits and Enterprise taxes

On Health Care: Increased healthcare options for veterans and helped create youth drug treatment center

On Education: Supports school choice and established full day kindergarten

 On Jobs: Supported SB 446 to encourage job growth in renewable energy sector

On Safety Net: Supports paid family and medical leave

On Healthcare: Secure long-term funding to combat opioid epidemic and support recovery efforts, supported Medicaid expansion, opposes work requirements

On Education: Opposes funding for voucher programs, aims to increase college affordability, and worked to prevent tuition increases at public universities

On Immigration: Believes enforcing immigration law is the duty of federal, not state, law enforcement

On Minimum Wage: Raise to $15/hour and index to inflation
















Sources: chrissununu.com and mollykelly.com


 Latest News

“The Democratic establishment roars back”

New Mexico

Steve Pearce (R) vs. Michelle Lujan Grisham (D)

On Jobs: Expand economy in southern New Mexico by supporting alternative energy and expanding aircraft technology

On Education: Offer apprenticeships in every school district, offer in-state tuition to international STEM and business students at public universities

On Healthcare: Supports Medicaid work requirement and using tax credits to encourage employers to provide health insurance

On Jobs: Create small business and industry advisory panels to assist in policy decisions, attract foreign direct investment, and expand jobs in select sectors including cybersecurity and aerospace.

On Taxes: Increase Working Families Tax Credit

On Education: Limit school testing, increase teacher pay, implement universal pre-K program

On Minimum Wage: Supports increasing minimum wage to $12 over four years











Sources: pearcefornm.com and newmexicansformichelle.com


Latest News

“New Mexico governor’s race spotlights education”

New York

Coming soon - Primary on September 13

Incumbent Governor Andrew Cuomo (D) is seeking re-election


Mike DeWine (R) vs. Richard Cordray (D)

On Jobs: Supports scaling back taxation and regulation on businesses to attract jobs

On Healthcare: Place a mental health professional in every school and increase home visits for mothers, declare public health emergency for opioid crisis and create infrastructure to target the epidemic

On Education: Improve quality of and access to early childhood education, establish Director of Children's Initiatives position

On Minimum Wage: Argued that cities should not legally be able to raise minimum wage above state levels

On Immigration: Opposes sanctuary cities

On Jobs: Advocates tax incentives and funding allocation for small businesses, plus increased resources for those in rural areas

On Healthcare: Protect and continue Medicaid expansion, expand children's health insurance, and repurpose rural buildings as opioid treatment centers

On Education: Strong proponent of universal pre-K, supports funding through public-private partnerships

On Minimum Wage: Supports increasing wage to $15/hour

On Taxes: Does not plan to increase taxes
















Sources: mikedewine.com and cordrayforohio.com


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“Ohio Gubernatorial Race is Tightening”

“Why Ohio Has One of the Most Bizarre – and Important – Governor’s Races in 2018”


 Kevin Stitt (R) vs. Drew Edmondson (D)

On Jobs: Eliminate unnecessary regulations, boost efforts to bring businesses to Oklahoma, and develop long-term plan for infrastructure projects

On Healthcare: Improve access to healthcare in rural areas, audit Medicaid, bring telemedicine to rural areas, and encourage selling of health insurance across state lines

On Education: Increase teacher pay, develop program to pay bonuses to teachers working in Oklahoma for the first time, increase role of technology in serving rural areas

 On Jobs: Recruit new businesses, develop public-private partnerships, and support rural economic development

On Taxes: Expand middle-class and small business tax deductions, close tax loopholes for corporations

On Healthcare: Expand Medicaid, negotiate prescription price increases  

On Education: Increase teacher pay and provide more frequent pay raises, reduce class sizes, and promote universal pre-K













Sources: stittforgovernor.com and drewforoklahoma.com


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“What you need to know: Winners in Oklahoma runoff election 2018”


Knute Buehler (R) vs. Kate Brown (Incumbent - D)

On Jobs: Resist regulations

On Healthcare: Stabilize Medicaid funding and expand services

On Taxes: Maintain current tax rates

On Education: Invest in career training education

On Immigration: Opposes sanctuary law #22, forbidding local law enforcement from enforcing federal immigration policy

On Jobs: Support small businesses. Helped pass worker protection bill and transportation package to create infrastructure jobs

On Healthcare: Created opioid task force, supports reproductive rights

On Education: Passed education budget funding statewide all-day kindergarten. Aims to increase high school graduation rates.

On Immigration: Supports Oregon’s sanctuary law










Sources: knutebuehler.com and katebrownfororegon.com


Latest News

“New poll shows Oregon governor’s race is getting close, but is it really tied?”


Scott Wagner (R) vs. Tom Wolf (Incumbent - D)

On Jobs: Cut regulations hindering job growth

On Healthcare: Roll back Medicaid expansion and instead increase healthcare access by putting more people into the workforce

On Taxes: Cosponsored Senate Bill 76 to eliminate school property taxes

On Education: Increase funding by $1 billion annually by cutting spending to expand early childhood education and ensure career readiness

On Jobs: Promote workforce development. Created PA Business One-Stop Shop which provides information for small businesses

On Healthcare: Expanded Medicaid, increased access to opioid treatment

On Taxes: Proposed and signed a manufacturing tax credit

On Education: Supports pre-K and kindergarten investment, restored funding from previous education cuts

On Minimum Wage: Supports an increase












Sources: wagnerforgov.com and wolfforpa.com


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“Abortion to play larger role than usual in Pennsylvania governor’s race”

“Candidates in Pennsylvania governor’s race talk about climate change”

Rhode Island

Allan Fung (R) vs. Gina Raimondo (Incumbent – D)

On Jobs: Eliminate fees for startups during first year of business, implement Business Concierge Program to support small business owners, and expand Boots to Business program to help veterans obtain jobs

On Safety Net: Implement work requirements of 20 hours/week for welfare recipients

On Taxes: Reduce sales tax to 5% and eliminate taxes on military pensions

 On Jobs: Supported $4.7 billion infrastructure construction plan and encourages growth of renewable energy industry to create jobs

On Healthcare: Supports Affordable Care Act and appointed senior adviser to focus on mitigating opioid epidemic

On Education: Doubled state funding for pre-K programs, supported career and technical development programs, and expanded tuition-free access to community colleges











Sources: allanfung.com and ginaraimondo.com


Latest News

“Gina Raimondo, Rhode Island Governor, Turns Back Liberal Challenge in Primary”

South Carolina

Henry McMaster (Incumbent - R) vs. James Smith (D)

On Jobs: Attract businesses and jobs through pro-growth policies

On Healthcare: Expand access to telemedicine, encourage market forces to improve healthcare, declared public health emergency for opioid epidemic

On Taxes: Cut small business taxes, proposes 1% interest tax reduction for all income levels

On Education: Promote workforce development, consolidation of small districts, and charter schools

On Immigration: Supported sanctuary cities ban

On Jobs: Attract jobs by linking businesses and educational institutions, invest in small business, increase public-private partnerships

On Healthcare: Expand Medicaid, support women's health, combat opioid epidemic

On Taxes: Provide tax incentives for businesses to invest in in rural, distressed areas

On Education: lower college tuition costs, increase teacher pay, create technical school-to-work pipeline by encouraging computer science curricula in high schools













Sources: henrymcmaster.com and jamessmith.com


Latest News

“Expensive South Carolina governor primary nearly sets all-time record”

South Dakota

Kristi Noem (R) vs. Billie Sutton (D)

On Healthcare: Voted to repeal ACA in 2017 as a member of the House

On Taxes: Helped pass deduction for small businesses, wants to keep taxes low

On Education: Support teacher quality through public-private partnerships, increase affordability for higher education

On Jobs: Helped create bipartisan economic development plan focusing on better jobs, education investments, and affordable housing, aims to increase public-private partnerships, expand technical education, and increase renewable energy production

On Education: Prioritize early childhood spending, competitive teacher pay, and increase scholarship funding










Sources: kristiforgovernor.com and suttonforsd.com


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“South Dakota’s gubernatorial race is skewing surprisingly blue”

“Governor candidates address transparency in South Dakota government”


Bill Lee (R) vs. Karl Dean (D)

On Jobs: Encourage low state taxes instead of deals to bring jobs in-state

On Healthcare: Opposes expansion of Medicaid, instead favors reducing costs and investing in prevention

On Education: Invest in career and technical education through partnerships with businesses

On Immigration: Opposes sanctuary city status within Tennessee

On Jobs: Recruit businesses to Tennessee, invest in broadband infrastructure, and improve vocational training

On Healthcare: Expand Medicaid and increase access to preventative care, especially in rural areas

On Education: Increase teacher pay, provide additional funding for early childhood education and after school programs, opposes charter schools and vouchers











Sources: billlee.com and karldean.com


Latest News

“Underdog Bill Lee surges to win Tennessee GOP gubernatorial primary”


Greg Abbott (Incumbent - R) vs. Lupe Valdez (D)

On Jobs: Reduce regulations, especially on small businesses, and accelerate permitting processes

On Healthcare: Increase funding for women's programs, increase accountability of health benefits

On Taxes: Reduce taxes for employers and property owners, has passed over $4 billion in tax breaks for homeowners and businesses

On Education: Increased pre-K program Funding, wants to focus on teacher quality and encourage school choice

On Immigration: Signed SB-4 which aims to punish law enforcement officials for not complying with federal immigration laws

On Jobs: Invest in public infrastructure to create jobs

On Safety Net: Endorses a living wage and paid sick leave

On Healthcare: Expand Medicaid, invest in women's and rural health

On Taxes: Close tax loopholes for large corporations, reduce property taxes, opposes regressive taxes

On Education: Prevent cost from providing a barrier to education, widen college access, increase vocational training

On Immigration: Protect DREAMers, enact comprehensive immigration reform, implement pathway to citizenship















Sources: gregabbott.com and lupevaldez.com


Latest News

“Democrats’ hopes of winning in the South hinge on the suburbs”

“In Texas governor’s race, Lupe Valdez faces resistance from fellow Democrats”


Phil Scott (Incumbent – R) vs. Christine Hallquist (D)

On Jobs: Increased efforts to develop financial services industry

On Safety Net: Increased funding for childcare assistance

On Taxes: Lowered income tax rates, eliminated social security income taxes for lower- and middle-income individuals, opposed property tax rate increase

On Education: Bolstered career and technical education and workforce training programs

 On Jobs: Support job growth in rural areas

On Safety Net: Support paid family and medical leave  

On Healthcare: Continue working toward universal healthcare, refuse cuts to Medicare or Medicaid

On Education: Oppose charter schools and other forms of privatization, invest in early childhood education, and support tuition-free public college and trade schools

On Minimum Wage: Increase to $15/hour













Sources: philscott.org and christineforvermont.com


Latest News

“Christine Hallquist, a Transgender Woman, Wins Vermont Governor’s Primary”


Scott Walker (Incumbent – R) vs. Tony Evers (D)

On Jobs: Focus on workforce development and recruitment of top talent to Wisconsin businesses

On Taxes: Reduced taxes by cumulative total of $8 billion since 2011, including through elimination of taxes on health savings accounts

On Education: Froze tuition at all University of Wisconsin campuses, aims to increase investments in career and technical education, dual enrollment, and workforce development programs and support school choice 

On Jobs: Improve infrastructure maintenance and development, and disband Wisconsin Economic Development Corporation in favor of locally guided development

On Healthcare: Expand Medicaid, support preventative health programs and coverage for individuals with pre-existing conditions, and lower prescription drug costs

On Education: Allow student loan refinancing at lower interest rates and increase funding for early childhood education, technical schools, and University of Wisconsin system

On Minimum Wage:  Supports raise to $15/hour, with index to inflation, over multiple years















Sources: scottwalker.com and tonyevers.com


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Mark Gordon (R) vs. Mary Throne (D)

On Jobs: Attract top talent to and support growth in technology, manufacturing, and energy industries, keep taxes low, and monitor spending
On Education: Ensure high-quality education system





Sources: gordonforwyoming.com and maryforwyoming.com 


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