Steve Bullock

Previous Work Around Poverty and Opportunity:

  • Worked with the Republican-controlled state legislature to expand Medicaid under the Affordable Care Act in Montana.
  • Froze the cost of college tuition in Montana as governor.

On the Issues

Jobs: As governor, implemented Blueprint for Montana’s Energy Future, which placed a heavy emphasis on new job creation.

Affordable Housing: Allocated $31 million in federal tax credits to increasing the supply of affordable housing in Montana.

Health Care/Insurance: Has been a strong proponent of the Affordable Care Act, including the expansion of Medicaid, but has not endorsed Medicare for All.

Education: In addition to freezing college tuition costs of public college for Montana residents, has argued against free college proposals, focusing instead on the need to support apprenticeships and other programs.

Criminal Justice: Signed a series of criminal justice bills as governor aimed at decreasing incarceration while improving public safety.

Minimum Wage: Supports a $15 minimum wage with different implementation timelines based on region.

Safety Net: Vetoed a bill that would have exempted more Social Security income from state taxation.

Children/Families: As governor, helped direct unemployment benefits to those who have suffered domestic abuse.

Taxes/Tax Credits: Implemented new state tax credits for apprenticeship programs.

News Articles:

“Steve Bullock, Montana Governor, Is Running for President” (The New York Times: 5/14/19)

“Steve Bullock is Running for President in 2020. Here’s Everything we Know About the Candidate and How He Stacks Up Against the Competition” (Business Insider: 5/31/19)