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Why I۪m Fasting: Exclusive Interview with David Beckmann

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Spotlight welcomes Reverend David Beckmann to the studio this week for a powerful webcast on hunger and threats to programs that help hungry and poor people. Beckmann is President of Bread for the World and winner of the 2010 World Food Prize (effectively the Nobel for food and agriculture issues). Along with a coalition of other leaders and thousands of Americans, Beckmann has been fasting over recent weeks to protest proposed budget cuts that curtail assistance to the hungry.


According to Beckmann, “What we۪re trying to do is form a circle of protection around the programs in the budget that are important to hungry and poor people in our country and around the world.”


Beckmann reminds us of how real our budget debate is for millions of Americans. Be sure to watch him explain why he and others are fasting, and his concerns for the future.


 Recorded April 6, 2011


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