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Washington Area Women۪s Foundation Leadership Awards show commitment during tough times

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Washington Area Women۪s Foundation, which invests in philanthropy improving the lives of women and girls in the D.C. area, just announced the winners of its annual Leadership Awards. The awards recognize the work of local organizations focused on the health and safety of women and girls.

Several Women’s Foundation initiatives address poverty and opportunity, and Women’s Foundation President Phyllis Caldwell contributed a Spotlight commentary over the summer.

Several of the 2009 Leadership Awardees are also heavily invested in promoting opportunity, including Family Preservation and Strengthening Services, which helps women and their families in Fairfax, Virginia become self-sufficient, and Extended Day Program at the Washington Middle School for Girls, which offers a supportive environment for at-risk girls in danger of leaving school prematurely.

Although there is widespread concern that the recession will cause a drop in philanthropic work and that innovative approaches to poverty will fall through the cracks, this year۪s WAWF Leadership Awardees show that there are still resources to support effective work.

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