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TIME Magazine Announces Opportunity Nation Summit

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In the latest issue of TIME Magazine, Managing Editor Richard Stengel announces TIME۪s participation in the Opportunity Nation Summit, to be held November 3-4 in New York City.  TIME is joining the Ford Foundation, AARP, and the United Way in convening the summit, which will also include participation by co-chair Mayor Michael Bloomberg and more than 150 organizations and businesses.  <?xml:namespace prefix = o />


The letter۪s opening lines offer a chilling and important reminder of the challenges our society faces: “Unemployment. The in­creasing divide between rich and poor. Decreasing social mobility. All of these are symptoms as well as causes of an economic land­scape that is changing the planet in ways that are impossible to ignore.”  Yet Stengel closes on a hopeful note, exhorting us all “to put our minds and wallets behind the idea of restoring the American Dream for all.”


As a new media partner to Opportunity Nation, Spotlight is delighted to see poverty receive such significant attention and OOTS is looking forward to the upcoming summit.

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