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Spotlight’s Freedman in the Spotlight….

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“Out of the Spotlight” Postings for December 2, 2008

Spotlight’s Freedman in the Spotlight….Spotlight’s own Tom Freedman was named to President-elect Obama’s Transition Team as part of the Technology, Innovation, & Government Reform group. The group is charged with helping prepare the incoming Administration to implement an Innovation Agenda, which will consist of policy proposals focused on making government operations more transparent, using high-technology to create jobs and opening up more opportunities for average citizens to participate in government. You may recall that before moving up in the world to help co-create the Spotlight site, Freedman was Senior Advisor to President Clinton. But Freedman’s biggest news is in the category of personal expansion — not waist line, but family size. Rumor has it that he and wife Karin are planning a Spring addition to their current family of two boys. OOTS knows all!

Posted by Jodie, December 2, 2008

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