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Spotlight Exclusive Interviews with Anna Wadia, Ellen Bravo on Paid Family Leave

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Ky Dickens’ new documentary Zero Weeks lays out a compelling argument for guaranteed paid leave for every American worker. The film looks at paid leave from an emotional, medical, financial and global perspective.

Spotlight interviewed two people close to the production of the documentary about the issue of paid leave and the power of “Zero Weeks” as a tool for change. Take a look at the trailer and some of the highlights of our interviews:

Ellen Bravo is a long-time activist for working women and their families. Previously the national director of 9to5, she now directs the Family Values @ Work Consortium, a network of state coalitions working for paid sick days and paid family leave. Spotlight spoke with Bravo about the state of paid leave policies at the state and federal level, and how she’s seen Republicans and business leaders come on board.

For years, the Ford Foundation has made paid leave and other issues affecting low-income families central to their work. We spoke with Anna Wadia, Senior Program Officer, Inclusive Economies, about the Ford Foundation’s perspective on paid family leave and how they hope to use the new documentary as a tool for change.


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