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Spotlight Co-Hosts Panel on the President’s Budget Commission Findings and How They Could Impact the Poor

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Spotlight on Poverty and Opportunity joinsthe Brookings Institution and the Hudson Institute in hosting an importantevent this week entitled, “Should theDisadvantaged be Spared from the Budget Axe?A Look at thePresident’s Budget Commission Findings and How They Could Impact the Poor.” The panel discussion will also be streamed live and posted as a webcast.


The event includes two panels of key experts who will examine the cutsand revenue recommendations of the President’s Bipartisan National Commissionon Fiscal Responsibility and Reform from the perspective of the disadvantaged.While the first panel will examine whether the Commission’s recommendations areadequate for reducing the deficit and are politically viable, the second panelwill discuss how we can maintain an adequate safety net for low-income peoplein the face of proposed budgetary changes.


The event takes place this Thursday, December 16, 2010 from 9:00am- 11:30am in the Falk Auditorium at the Brookings Institution, located at 1775Massachusetts Ave, NW, Washington, DC.


We hope you are able to join usin person or online!


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