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Spotlight Audio Call Series to Highlight Innovative Ideas for Action Models

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At Spotlight, we’re always on the lookout for innovative, on-the-ground practices and models to help low-income individuals. That’s why we۪re pleased to host a series of two national audio calls highlighting the work of the 2012 Ideas for Action Award winners. The competition rewards new thinking and policy approaches aimed at reducing poverty. The audio conference series is also sponsored by the Evans School of Public Affairs at the University of Washington, the Northwest Area Foundation, and the University of Minnesota’s Humphrey School of Public Affairs.


The first call on March 18, Insights from the Ideas for Action Awards: Financial Asset Building,” will explore programs that help families build financial assets. Speakers will discuss best practices for addressing immediate and long-term financial security, and present examples of unique approaches to implementing Individual Development Accounts in financial institutions such as credit unions. Other approaches from award winners include working with social service staff at agencies serving multiple populations, including domestic violence victims, to insert financial stability into program frameworks.


The award winners previously gave Spotlight readers a peek into what makes their programs work successfully through a series of Exclusive Commentaries. They include:


–       David Harrison, senior lecturer of public affairs, Evans School of Public Affairs, University of Washington (Read his Exclusive Commentary on Spotlight here)

–       Mae Watson Grote, executive director, The Financial Clinic (Read her Exclusive Commentary on Spotlight here)

–       Marybeth Foster, executive director, Iowa Credit Union Foundation (Read her Exclusive Commentary on Spotlight here)


A second audio call will be held on April 17 and will focus on career pathways out of poverty, including a unique model to address poverty and education through a partnership with a state۪s Department of Higher Education and Department of Workforce Services. The call will also feature a model focused on five key life areas to help single parents secure a job and build savings. David Harrison from the Evans School will be joined on this call by:


–       Elisabeth D. Babcock (Beth), president and CEO, Crittenton Women۪s Union (Read an Exclusive Commentary by her organization on Spotlight here)

–       Karon Rosa, program director, Arkansas Department of Higher Education for the Arkansas Career Pathways Initiative (Read her Exclusive Commentary on Spotlight here)


You can register for the first call by clicking here and for the second call by clicking here.


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Mark your calendars for March 18 can۪t wait for you to join us!

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