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Senator Michael Bennet on the Child Tax Credit

Senator Michael Bennet Senator Michael Bennet, posted on

For this week’s Spotlight Exclusive, Senator Michael Bennet (D-CO) discusses the child tax credit. Bennet calls the credit “Washington’s biggest investment in kids and families in a generation,” and notes that growing up in poverty can cause lasting harm to a child’s future, including worse healthcare outcomes, lower wages, and higher rates of criminal justice involvement. He describes how the round of child payments distributed last week will make a massive difference for kids and families across the country and argues that the child tax credit will cut child poverty in half this year and will provide a measure of stability for families.

Bennet believes the credit is one of the best investments the U.S. can make for families, and advocates for making it permanent. “We don’t have to accept child poverty as a permanent feature of our economy or our democracy – we can finally take action and we can build on the progress we’ve made and work toward the day when we ultimately end child poverty in America,” Bennet says. Watch Senator Bennet’s video below and also view Spotlight’s recent child tax credit policy event, Cash and Kids: Momentum on Child Tax Credit Policy and Other Ideas to Increase Family Income here.


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