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Remembering Sargent Shriver

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OOTS notes with deep sadness the passing of Sargent Shriver. He was an unusual and important public figure who used his talent, intelligence and public persona to help poor people. Fortunately, we don۪t need to go on at length about his career achievements or commitments to his cause. As they should be, they are being widely profiled on newspaper front pages and editorial pages, the TV news, and elsewhere. Among other places, the New York Times and Washington Post have described the length and breadth of his service to our country.

We do want to remind advocates of one quality of Shriver۪s that we would all do well to keep alive his commitment. Writing for Spotlight regarding a 2008 televised documentary on Shriver, Al From, his former employee at in the Office of Economic Opportunity, noted that Shriver “never left an ounce of energy on the playing field.” Shriver combined that energy with verve and political skill, directing the War on Poverty and launching the Peace Corps among other things.

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His was a life well lived that gave so much to so many. He will be missed. Let us hope that those who admired his cause and his work will now help carry it on.

View a three minute video from the Chicago Film Project

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