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Poverty Tour۝ Drives Attention to Low-Income People

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Partof the impetus for Spotlight on Poverty and Opportunity was to lift upissues that too often escape notice in newspapers and on TV.  Theunfortunate truth is that poverty and the challenges that face low-incomeAmericans simply don۪t receive the attention they deserve.  For thisreason, we make available to our audiencestudies and articles on poverty and open our pages to some of America۪sleading voices to speak about povertyno matter their perspective.

That۪swhy it۪s important for OOTS to mention two people who are speakingoutloudly.  The duo in question is Tavis Smiley and Cornel West, two ofAmerica۪s leading public intellectuals and activists, who are making waves witha cross-country “Poverty Tour.”  Smiley and West are as credentialed asthey are high profile.  Smiley has been a radio and TV host, as well as anauthor.  West has taught in America۪s most rarefied academic institutions,been a highly-visible activist, and even appeared in two installments of the TheMatrix film franchise.

ThePoverty Tour has not been without controversy, in part because of Smiley andWest۪s outspoken criticism of President Obama.  But if you want to hearthem describe the tour and its aims in their own words,checkout their appearance earlier this week on MSNBC۪s Morning Joe. Love them or hate them, there۪s no arguing that Smiley and West are a force tobe reckoned withand are undoubtedly passionate about poverty.

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