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Opportunity Nation Summit The Details

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Last week OOTS highlighted a letter from TIME Magazine۪s Managing Editor Rick Stengel announcing the Opportunity Nation Summit, November 3-4 at Columbia University in New York City.


This week, Opportunity Nation released more details on the Summit.  Here is a quick overview:


Sponsors and Speakers


The Opportunity Nation summit is cosponsored by AARP, the Ford Foundation, TIME Magazine, and the United Way.


Guest speakers include:


– Michael Bloomberg, Mayor, New York City

– Deval Patrick, Governor, Massachusetts

– Rick Stengel, Managing Editor of TIME Magazine

– Jo Ann Jenkins, President of AARP Foundation

– Luis Ubi̱as, President of the Ford Foundation

– Father Larry Snyder, President of Catholic Charities

– Tavis Smiley, host, The Tavis Smiley Show

Dr. Fareed Zakaria, Editor-At-Large, TIME Magazine and Host of CNN۪s GPS with Fareed   
– Suze Orman, author


New Information on Opportunity


At the summit, Opportunity Nation will be releasing a national survey of Americans at or below the median income who are struggling for middleېclass security and to stay out of poverty.  It will also be unveiling an “Opportunity Index” that provides a look at some key opportunity indicators. 


How to Engage


The summit will be open to the public through a live stream.  A “Conversation Room” will have video cameras where attendees and speakers can speak directly to viewers.


For more information, see


Stay tuned to OOTS for further information about the summit.


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