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Obama Advisor۪s Advice: Poverty is Top Economic Problem

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“Out of the Spotlight” Postings for December 1, 2008

Obama Advisor۪s Advice: Poverty is Top Economic Problem. Christina Romer, Director-designate of the President’s Council of Economic Advisors, is quoted as saying “Poverty is arguably the most pressing economic problem of our time. And because rising inequality, for a given level of income, leads to greater poverty, the distribution of income is also a central concern.” The quote, at a minimum, indicates a concern about poverty from a key advisor to the President and this is heartening in itself; even more notable, however, is that the quote was selected and posted on the Obama/Biden transition website. Quotes from each of the economic team members are posted for the public in order “to give you an idea of where they’re coming from on these key issues.” Romer۪s statement of concern about inequality and about poverty, is drawn from a 1999 scholarly article that appeared in the Economic Review.

Posted by Jodie, December 1, 2008

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