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Legal BeagleAlan W. Houseman, Leading Review Team for the Legal Services Corporation

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“Out of the Spotlight” Postings for November 20th

Legal BeagleAlan W. Houseman,the executive director of the Center for Law and Social Policy (CLASP) since 1982, is leading the review team for the Legal Services Corporation over at OBTPARWG.Legal services are essential for low-income families and the official announcement says Alan “has long been a leader ofthe national efforts to preserve and strengthen the federal legal services program.”For some reason, the Transition Project failed to mention Alan۪s alma mater pals Oberlin housemate Bob Kuttner of The American Prospectand NYU Law School buds Ron Pollack of Families USA, Duffy Campbell of the National Women۪s Law Center, Jim Weill of the Food Research and Action Center, and Sylvia Law, professor at NYU Law School.Friends of Alan are not surprised that he has been tapped for the Transition, nor that he۪s been leading CLASP for the past 25 years advancing policy solutions that work for low-income families.

Posted by Jodie*, November 20, 2008

*In the season۪s spirit of aggressive vetting, know that Jodie is Alan۪s deputy director.


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