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“Out of the Spotlight” Postings for November 17th

Seth Harris, who is heading up the Education and Labor as well as the Transportation transition teams, is a professor and director of Labor & Employment Law Programs at NYU Law School. He۪s well known in the disability community, where he۪s written extensively on accommodation and disability law.But, he۪s no Ivory Tower dweller. He worked for both Clinton Administration Labor Secretaries Robert Reich and Alexis Herman as a senior adviser on policy, legal, management and strategic issues.He served, among other jobs, as acting assistant secretary for policy. He has strong labor ties, and a policy background that includes helping bring out-of-school youth into the labor force and increasing the minimum wage. He also has a bit of experience with transitions he worked on the Clinton/Gore transition team. Most recently, we۪ve been working with Seth on a national advisory commission on workplace flexibility and we۪re impressed; his brilliant intellect and persuasive manner have helped shape the group۪s thinking on practical policy solutionsthat allow families to better balance the demands of work and family. Perhaps the Obama team will convince Seth and his family to leave the comforts of Manhattan and return to DC for a few more years.

Posted by Shelley, November 17, 2008

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