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Hundreds Join Spotlight Poverty Data Day Twitter Campaign

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Thanks to the participation of dozens of organizations and hundreds of Twitter users, our Poverty Data Day campaign on Twitter was a huge success. In fact, an aggregator of the most retweeted items on twitter listed the campaign, which promoted the new Census poverty data released September 10, as one of the “hottest links on twitter” for the day.

In total we generated more than 400 tweets, including dozens from individuals and organizations we hadn۪t contacted in advance who joined the effort by word-of-tweet. Here are a few examples of some the creative and thoughtful tweets we received:

PABC – Over 1.3 million PA (10.7% of population) live at or below poverty line – up from 9.1% in 2000-2001.

CenterOnBudgetNew Census Data: Number of people w/o health insurance rose by 682,000 to over 45 million #PDD09

PolicyLink – Shame! More Americans fell into poverty in 2008 than live in SF and Detroit COMBINED (2.5 million)

ChildDefender – Newly released Census data shows the biggest increase in child poverty since 1992! #PDD09

In addition to all the twitter activity, several blogs wrote about Spotlight۪s Poverty Data Day. Here are a few highlights: Poverty Data Day Twitter Campaign
Share Our Strength: Poverty Data Day
Care 2: Today is Poverty Data Day!

Thanks again to everyone who participated in this campaign and helped make the important new data about growing poverty in this country headline news.

And a quick announcement: Poverty Data Day will come back to life with the release of American Community Survey state and local data on September 22. Stay tuned to Spotlight for more details.

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