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HUD Transition Includes Bruce Katz

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Postings for November 12th

OOTS loves Al Kamen from WAPO۪s “In the Loop,” who breaks more news on the Obama Transition Team! According to Kamen, word is that some of the key transition folks who have been focusing on housing matters include:

  • The hyperkineticBruce Katzof theBrookingsMetro Center, who was COS to former HUD secretaryHenry Cisneros;
  • Roberta Achtenberg,assistant secretaryforfair housingandequal opportunityduring Cisneros’s tenure; and
  • Super-brainyXavier Briggs, an associate professor of sociology andurban planningatMITand former acting assistant secretary at HUD for policy development and research.

Posted by Mike, November 12,2008


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