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How Did Low-Income Americans Vote in the Midterm Election?

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With the 2010 midterms come and gone, one question we at OOTSasked is how low-income Americans voted. According to CNN۪s national exit polling, the lowest income bracket, those making under $30,000 ayear, voted 56 percent Democrat compared to 41 percent Republican. This gapcloses in the next income bracket, between $30,000 and $50,000, in which votersprefer Democrats over Republicans by a margin of 51 percent to 46 percent.


It۪s worth noting that in this election only those earning lessthan $50,000 voted in the majority for Democrats. Above the $50,000 income line,voters swung Republican. Among those earning $50,000-$75,000, voters choseRepublicans over Democrats at a rate of 52 percent to 46 percent. Those earning$75,000-$200,000 voted Republican 56 percent to 42 percent. And those makingmore than $200,000 voted for Republican candidates 62 percent of the time.


By comparison, in CNN۪s 2008 polling, the results showed that all income brackets for thoseearning less than $100,000 broke Democrat by a rate of 56 percent to 41percent. Individuals earning more than $100,000 voted Republican only 50percent to 48 percent.


While OOTS always finds this datainteresting, we also know that many Americans are waiting to see how leaders ofboth parties plan to confront poverty in the new Washington.


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