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Education Reformer Moves Up in the Administration

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OOTSnotes that Robert Gordon, an advocate of education reform, has been named thenext Executive Associate Director at the White House Office of Management andBudget by OMB director Jack Lew.


Accordingto a memo from Lew, Gordon”helped shepherd through the President۪s education reforms, and along the way, institutedreform that help make sure that those funds are being used in the mosteffective way and with measurable outcomes.”


Gordoncomes to the job after spending the last two years as the Associate Directorfor Education, Income Maintenance, and Labor at OMB. He previously clerked forRuth Bader Ginsburg, worked on the presidential campaigns of both SenatorEdwards and Senator Kerry, and worked in the NYC Department of Education as asenior adviser to then-chancellor, Joel I. Klein.


Gordon۪sportfolio at OMB embraced many issues critical to Spotlight readers. His new perch, with its even greater authority,will matter much in the crucial years ahead.


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