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Dazzling: Daschle to HHS & Orszag to OMB!

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“Out of the Spotlight” Postings for November 20th

Dazzling: Daschle to HHS& Orszag to OMB!The Obama-Biden transition team is now making key cabinet appointments and they are very, very good for low-income American families. President-elect Barack Obama has offered the nomination of Secretary of Health and Human Services to Tom Daschle of South Dakota, the former Democratic Senate majority leader and an early supporter of Obama۪s run for the presidency.

Reports are also coming out of OBTPARWG (the Obama-Biden Transition Project۪s Agency Review Working Group) that Peter Orszag has been asked to take on the pivotal post of director of the Office of Management and Budget (OMB).Currently, Orszag is director of the Congressional Budget Office. Prior to that, he had the post of uber-economist and boy-wonder at Brookings, where he routinely impressed everyone with both his brilliance and easy-going and unpretentious personality.And several of my female wonk friends consider Peter to be quite the hottie!

The Daschle and Orszag appointments are yet two more indications that Obama is looking for and landing the cr̬me-de-la-cr̬me.Daschle۪s Senate legislative record is among the best when it comes to supporting low- and middle income families.Orszag۪s analysis and writing have been equally smart and pro-family.

OBTPARWG also announced that Daschle will oversee Obama۪s health policy team developing a health care proposal. Daschle was initially considered for the position of Obama۪s Chief of Staff, but that gig went to Rahm Emanuel of Chicago. If confirmed, Daschle would be the pointman on any efforts to overhaul the country۪s health care delivery and insurance system, a tall order, given the current economic situation.But having Orszag as wing-man over at OMB will sure help!

Posted by Mike, November 20, 2008


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