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Boss Sends Greetings from Asbury Park,۝ Congratulates Newspaper on Poverty Coverage

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Whilefor some poverty was once little more than “Darkness at the Edge of Town,”these tough times have alerted many to the plight of our growing low-incomepopulation. But it۪s still important that leaders everywhere speak out whenthey can. That۪s why OOTS is eager to see a man who۪s no stranger to thespotlight himself congratulate his local paper for featuring poverty on thefront page.


Inthis week۪s Asbury Park Press, rocklegend Bruce Springsteen penned a personal thankyou to the paper for a front page story entitled “Aspoverty rises, cuts target aid.” The Boss cautioned us all to ensurethe poverty issue does not “Fade Away,” noting “[t]hese are voices that in ourcurrent climate are having a hard time being heard, not just in New Jersey, butnationally.”


Springsteenalso suggested that if we ever want to see “Glory Days” for opportunity, wemust look to the people who provide “real information and actual facts aboutwhat is happening below the poverty line.”


OOTScouldn۪t agree more. There۪s no question that many of America۪s low-incomefamilies are “Tougher Than the Rest.” Yet with state and federal budgetsin the state they are, it will take more than the “Human Touch” to ensure thesemost vulnerable have the support they need. Instead, all those who careabout poverty need to “Prove It All Night” with data and research.


Everyonewho cares about poverty in America should be glad to know that the Boss is”Working on a Dream” along with us. Let۪s hope he has a lot more to say.


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