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Alternative Scenarios for Vulnerability in America in 2030

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OOTS readers are focused on helping the most vulnerable populations in our nation today. But what will the face of vulnerability look like in 2030? How can community-based organizations, governments, researchers, and others work to reduce vulnerability over the next couple of decades? A tool will soon be available to help launch those conversations. 


The Robert Wood Johnson Foundation has commissioned the Institute for Alternative Futures (IAF) to develop scenarios of how American society and the vulnerable populations within it could change in the next 20 years. The public is invited to comment on the draft scenarios by January 24th.  


OOTS encourages you to take a look at the IAF-developed four alternative scenarios. They are intended to allow us to anticipate what might be, to imagine, to check assumptions, and to create better solutions.


Four different scenarios have been developed:

·         An expectable or “most likely” future;

·         A challenging or “hard times” future;

·         A path in which vulnerability is reduced and equity becomes commonplace;

·         A future that relies on entrepreneurial communities and innovation.


After the comment period, a toolkit will be released to foster conversation about vulnerability in America in the decades ahead. Spotlight will post a link to these resources and will send the information directly to all our weekly e-gram recipients. If you don۪t get the weekly Spotlight e-gram, just sign-up here.


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