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How Older Americans can Use their Smartphones to Help Non-Profits Fight Poverty

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Just over a year ago, Out of the Spotlight called attention to the emergence of Boomerang Giving, an inventive new organization that encourages older Americans who have the resources to give back to people in need. Boomerang Giving’s initial effort is to help those over 65 voluntarily redirect some of their senior discounts to support organizations that serve their communities.

Now Boomerang Giving, in recognition of the growing use of smartphones and mobile apps by Americans aged 65-75, has launched a new Boomerang Giving app to make the redirection of senior discounts even easier. The app, which debuts this week, allows nonprofits to create local campaigns focused on funding specific needs and then target people most likely to support those efforts. Individuals can enroll in these campaigns, log the discounts they receive, donate the discounts to the selected nonprofit, and view their collective progress towards meeting the fundraising goal.

Boomerang Giving is ideally suited to support organizations that serve low-income populations. By streamlining and simplifying the process of donating to local causes, the app makes it easier for older Americans to support low-income people in their communities.  Four nonprofits have already enrolled: Evanston, Ill.-based Benevolent, which provides crowdfunding for low-income individuals and families; Within Reach in Seattle; Senior Advocates for Generational Equity (SAGE) in Portland, Ore., and the Financial Clinic in New York City.

Nonprofits consulted during the app’s development are particularly excited that it provides a low-cost, low-risk way to find new supporters and energize existing ones. Nonprofits can take advantage of the previously untapped resource of billions of dollars in senior discounts – a resource that will only grow larger, with approximately 3.5 million baby boomers turning 65 each year.

To learn more about Boomerang Giving and the new mobile app e-mail dharrison@boomeranggiving.orgClick here to view a two-minute video about the app and how organizations will use it.

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