The Impact of Coronavirus on Life in America

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The Kaiser Family Foundation conducted an April 2020 Health Tracking Poll to assess Americans’ concerns during the coronavirus outbreak and compare responses to those collected from an initial poll conducted in March. The poll found that seven in ten American say that their lives have been disrupted “a lot” or “some” by COVID-19, up 32 percentage points since the previous poll. Nearly 57 percent of adults reported that they were concerned that they will have to put themselves at risk of exposure because they are unable to shelter in place and miss work. This was especially concerning for hourly workers or those earning less than $40,000 per year. These workers were also more fearful of being laid off because of the outbreak, with 39 percent already reporting a loss of job or income. Additionally, more than four in ten adults feel that the stress and worry resulting from the coronavirus is negatively impacting their mental health, up from a reported 32 percent in the earlier poll.

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