LGBTQ Community Faces Unique Challenges During COVID-19 Outbreak

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Researchers at the Human Rights Campaign outlined unique risk factors that put LGBTQ individuals at higher risk during the COVID-19 outbreak. More than 5 million LGBTQ adults hold jobs in industries such as food service, healthcare, and education that are more likely to be impacted by coronavirus. LGBTQ adults are also more likely than the general population to live in poverty and lack access to necessities including health care and paid leave. Additionally, 17 percent of LGBTQ adults report having no healthcare, compared to 12 percent of non-LGBTQ adults. Many LGBTQ individuals also face systemic discrimination which contributes to an increased risks of housing insecurity and health disparities. And according to a report from True Colors United, LGBTQ youth are 120 percent more likely to experience homelessness and many rely on food and basic resources provided by schools and local welfare agencies. With school closures and stresses on local agencies due to COVID-19, many LGBTQ youth may struggle to access necessary resources.

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