June 12, 2014: YG Network– Nationwide Poll of Women on Workplace Issues

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“Do you agree or disagree that generallyspeaking, women are paid less than men for doing the same kind of work?”

Stronglyagree                                                                           56%

Somewhatagree                                                                      23%

Somewhatdisagree                                                                8%

Stronglydisagree                                                                     6%

Don۪tknow/Cannot judge/It depends/Refused     7%


“Do you agree or disagree that in orderto provide more flexibility for their workers, should employers be able to offertheir employees the choice of overtime pay or time off?”

Stronglyagree                                                                           68%

Somewhatagree                                                                      22%

Somewhatdisagree                                                                3%

Stronglydisagree                                                                     3%

Don۪tknow/Cannot judge/It depends/Refused     4%


Field Date: June 6-10, 2012

Universe: Women: United States

Additional Information: Surveyed 800 women byphone — 70% landline and 30% cell phone

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