July 30th, 2014: Kaiser Family Foundation — California-wide Poll on Where Are California۪s Uninsured Now?

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Did your health insurance plan cost (more) than you thought it would or (less) than you thought it would, or was the cost about what you expected? (Based on total newly insured (n=704))

More                                       17%

Less                                        26%

About what you expected       43%

Don۪t know                              14%

Refused                                     *

As far as you know, are you personally getting financial assistance from the government, such as a premium tax credit or premium assistance, to help pay for your health insurance, or not?

yes           55%
no       38%
don’t know  6%

Do you think you would have been able to afford to buy health insurance without this financial assistance, or not?

Yes, getting financial assistance                                                                               55%

Yes, would have been able to afford health insurance without financial assistance 11%

No, would not have been able to afford health insurance without financial assistance 45%

Don۪t know/Refused if been able to afford                                                                   —

No, not getting financial assistance                                                                         38%

Don۪t know                                                                                                                 6%

Refused                                                                                                                       —

via Polling the Nations
Field Date – Apr 1-Jun 15, 2014

Universe: State: California

Method: telephone: landline and cell phone

Sample Size: 1168

Copyright Info: These reports were reprinted with permission of the Henry J. Kaiser Family Foundation of Menlo Park, California. The Kaiser Family Foundation is an independent healthcare philanthropy and is not associated with Kaiser Permanente or Kaiser Industries.

Additional Information: Adults ages 19-64.

Notes: Based on newly insured who say they purchased their plan from Covered California (n=116).

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