July 29-August 6, 2008: Kaiser Health Tracking Poll: Election 2008—Nationwide poll asks respondents to choose between presidential candidates۪ health care plans for low-income people

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“Based on what you know or have heard, whose health reform plan–John McCain’s or Barack Obama’s–would be better for…low-income people?”


62% Obama۪s plan


15% McCain۪s plan


1% Both (Vol.)


6% Neither (Vol.)


17% Don۪t know/Refused


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Survey by Henry J. Kaiser Family Foundation. Methodology: Interviewing conducted by Princeton Survey Research Associates International, July 29 – August 6, 2008 and based on 1,517 telephone interviews. Sample: national adult. [USPSRA.081908HTP.R07A]


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Kaiser Health Tracking Poll: Election 2008, Jul, 2008. Retrieved Sep-9-2010 from the iPOLL Databank, The Roper Center for Public Opinion Research, University of Connecticut.

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