January 4-6, 2008: Gallup Poll—Nationwide Poll on the Nation۪s Efforts to Combat Poverty and Homelessness.

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“(Next, we’d like to know how you feel about the state of the nation in each of the following areas. For each one, please say whether you are–very satisfied, somewhat satisfied, somewhat dissatisfied, or very dissatisfied. If you don’t have enough information about a particular subject to rate it, just say so.) How about…the nation’s efforts to deal with poverty and homelessness?”


5% Very satisfied


21% Somewhat satisfied


31% Somewhat dissatisfied


38%Very dissatisfied


3% No opinion


Subpopulation  Note:.


Methodology: Conducted by Gallup Organization, January 4 – January 6, 2008 and based on 1,023 telephone interviews. Sample: national adult. [USGALLUP.08JY004.R22O]


Formal Citation

Gallup Poll, Jan, 2008. Retrieved Sep-9-2010 from the iPOLL Databank, The Roper Center for Public Opinion Research, University of Connecticut.

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