August 28, 2014: Franklin & Marshall College Poll — Pennsylvania Statewide Poll on Minimum Wage

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“Democrats andRepublicans in Washington are debating the minimum wage. The minimum wage ispresently $7.25 an hour and Republicans in Congress would like to keep itthere. President Obama has proposed that the minimum wage be set at $10.10.Ideally, where do you think the minimum wage should be set?”

mean     $9.46


Recalling that the rangecurrently being debated is $7.25 to $10.10, if you were the Democrat/Republican responsible for negotiating the final minimum wage rate, where wouldyou be willing to set the minimum wage?

mean     $9.11

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FieldDate – Aug 18-25, 2014

Universe:State: Pennsylvania


SampleSize: 520

AdditionalInformation: registered voters

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