Julián Castro

Julián Castro served as Mayor of San Antonio from 2009-2014 before joining the Obama administration as Secretary of Housing and Urban Development for the remainder of the president’s term.

Previous Work Around Poverty and Opportunity

  • Implemented the Affirmatively Furthering Fair Housing Rule, which required cities receiving federal money for housing to examine potential biases in housing access.
  • As a mayor, implemented universal pre-school in San Antonio that was funded by sales taxes.
  • Established the National Housing Trust Fund, which invested $174 million in affordable housing for low-income households.

On the Issues

Jobs: Argues that expanding affordable housing and investing in cities will create more job opportunities and better wages. Calls for federal funding to jump-start green jobs. Believes that investments in mass transit are crucial for improving employment opportunities.

Affordable Housing: Building off his experience as HUD Secretary, says he is looking to put housing affordability at the center of his presidential campaign.

Health Care/Insurance: Has voiced support for Medicare for All.

Education: Supports universal pre-K and wants to make the first two years of higher education free.

Criminal Justice: Has called the criminal justice system “racist” and has voiced support for ending the money bail system.

Minimum Wage: Supports a $15 minimum wage.

Safety Net: Has focused extensively on social net issues outside of health care and education during the campaign.

Children/Families: Claims that one of his greatest accomplishments was raising local sales tax rates to fund a pre-K program.

Taxes/Tax Credits: Wants to expand low-income tax credits.

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