Jay Inslee

Jay Inslee has served as governor of Washington state since 2013. Previously he was a U.S. Representative from 1993-2012 and also served as a prosecutor.

Previous Work Around Poverty and Opportunity

  • Has placed climate change at the center of his presidential campaign and has sought to link the issue to others including economic opportunity.
  • Developed the Career Connect Washington program to provide apprenticeships, learning experiences, job shadows, career planning and internships with companies such as Amazon, Boeing and Microsoft.
  • Created the Poverty Reduction Work Group in Washington, tasked with “developing a strategic plan to reduce poverty, improve communities and make needed progress related to housing, health, integration, employment and education.”

On the Issues

Jobs: Has stressed the need to transition to a green energy economy and create “clean jobs.”

Affordable Housing: Emphasized efforts to reduce homelessness in Washington state through affordable housing. His 2019 budget proposal included “restoring and building affordable housing, increasing housing assistance and improving homelessness efforts.”

Health Care/Insurance: Has expressed support for building on the Affordable Care Act including pushing for a “public option” in Washington state.

Education: Opposed a 2012 ballot initiative to allow charter schools in Washington; has supported tax increases to fund higher teacher pay.

Criminal Justice: Suspended all executions in Washington for the duration of his governorship.

Minimum Wage: He supported legislation gradually increasing the minimum wage in his state from $9.47 to $12.

Safety Net: During the government shutdown, he expanded unemployment benefits to federal workers. He has also opposed SNAP funding cuts proposed by President Trump.

Children/Families: As governor, he signed a 12-week paid family and medical leave bill into law.

Taxes/Tax Credits: In an effort to raise awareness of the Earned Income Tax Credit, as governor he proclaimed Jan. 25, 2019, to be “Earned Income Tax Credit Awareness Day.”

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