Bill Weld

Bill Weld served as the 68th governor of Massachusetts from 1991-1997. Prior to that, he was a U.S. Attorney General for the District of Massachusetts and Assistant U.S. Attorney General for the Criminal Division. He was the vice presidential nominee on the Libertarian ticket in 2016 and returned to the Republican party in 2019.

Previous Work Around Poverty and Opportunity

  • Has a long track record of socially liberal stances around issues such as abortion and LGBTQ rights.
  • Has pushed for more humane treatments of immigrants and refugees and increasing the number of H1B visas.

On the Issues

Jobs: Emphasizes the importance of addressing job loss due to automation and helping workers develop skills for the future economy.

Affordable Housing: Has not publicly voiced an opinion as part of his campaign platform.

Health Care/Insurance: Favors increasing access to Medicaid. As governor, he worked to expand access to the program in Massachusetts.

Education: Previously advocated for a lesser federal role in K-12, including eliminating the U.S. Department of Education. Has said that displaced workers should have access to free in-state tuition for postsecondary training. As governor, established and allowed charter schools in Massachusetts. 

Criminal Justice: Believes addiction should be treated as a health, as opposed to a criminal, issue. Also believes in bail reform, funding for reentry programs and other criminal justice reforms beyond those established by the First Step Act.

Minimum Wage: Vetoed minimum wage hikes as governor.

Safety Net: When Congressional Republicans were proposing cuts to the Earned Income Tax Credit in 1996, advocated for the state of Massachusetts to make up any difference.

Children/Families: Has been critical of Trump’s immigration policies such as family separation.

Taxes/Tax Credits: Applauds Steve Forbes’ plan to simplify the tax system to a 19 percent flat income tax rate and returns able to fit on a postcard.

News Articles

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